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"Byocular has been a while in the making: the first glasses were discovered in a vintage store over 4 years ago. So practical, brave and stylish I had to find a way to at least ensure I could get another pair. So the journey started.

Along the way, I have had help from some amazing people who also showed great belief in Byocular. As styles were developed more and more people started to want them and the idea that I should make them available to everyone seemed the natural thing to do. Byocular is a small bespoke collection of styles that are made to your specific requirements. You can choose from 26 colours and even mix and match the frames with a different colour on the arms. Send us your prescription and we will begin the 6 week crafting process in our English workshop.

Now the blinkers are off there will be many additions to the collection in the pipeline including accessories and sunglasses.

We hope you will love them too and join in the fun."

- Caren Downie


We are a very small team who have total belief in offering a unique, quality product and impeccable service that is tailored to your individual requirements.

Our frames are made in the traditional way and go through fifty crafted stages over a period of 6 weeks, including 4 stages of polishing to ensure the perfect finish.


We have given great consideration to the packaging too. You will receive your bespoke glasses in a presentation box with a soft grey felt case and microfibre cleaning cloth.


For any enquiries please contact:
Caren, Shaun or Nigel


For PR enquiries please contact:
Todd Watkins. Preditor PR


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"half fashion, half function, wholly brilliant"