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We would like to introduce you to our favourite fashion visionaries. They are all forward thinking, modern innovators and creatives who dare to be different. They see through the cluttered haze of the everyday to provide clarity and focus in an over complicated world.

Ruby Chadha

Based between Delhi and London, Ruby runs India Fashion, which supplies and manufactures garments for the British high street. As head of the ByOcular fan club, it seemed right to mark the inaugural Behind the Lens by picking his brain. Read on to hear about his relationship with the industry and to discover a little more about our founder, Caren...

Ruby, we were first introduced to you by way of ByOcular’s Instagram and I have to ask, have you always found it difficult to find glasses as fab as your turban?

You know being a Sikh man, my turban is my pride but even a proud man needs good vision! My glasses serve that purpose while also adding to my personality. When Caren introduced me to these glasses, the originality of the design grabbed my attention at the blink of an eye!

You’re the original ByOcular groupie. What’s so special about their specs?

I have always loved Caren's design sense and vision; I’m sure a lot of her peers would second this belief. ByOculars are made with inspiration by an inspiration. Right from the beginning, Caren has stayed true to the originality of the glasses, letting them and the wearer do the talking.

Your factory in India makes clothing for retail giants like Asos and Topshop. When did you fall in love with the manufacturing process?

Indian heritage is defined by its craftsmanship. I’ve always been enamoured by the beauty and artisanal skill that India’s capable of. In the late 70s, I got into the garment trade and about 35 years ago, I established my own company, India Fashion. Even though manufacturing processes have changed over the years, fuelled by technological advances, I am still drawn to embroidery and handwork. I find it adds artistic value to a garment — after all, fashion is sometimes perceived as art.

You specialise in hand embroidery and beading. How do you maintain such craftsmanship while mass-producing for the high street?

As mentioned above, my respect for Indian craftsmanship is immense. Hand Embroidery, embellishments and high quality manufacturing are our forte. We make each and every garment with great attention to detail and all these years of experience have helped us excel at what we do. I am personally an admirer and practitioner of hard work, focus and determination; I believe they should be cultivated in all aspects of day-to-day life, not just fashion.

At ByOcular we like to say, ‘people make passes at those who wear half glasses.’ What have you been told recently that made your day?

I get compliments about my glasses all the time, with many people insisting on trying them on. Once they’ve had the pleasure, most concede that they were ‘made for me.’ It’s definitely a feel-good factor, especially when those compliments come from people with good taste.

‘they were ‘made for me’

You and Caren have worked closely over the years. In what ways do you see her as a visionary?

Caren’s constant yearning to create something new in this ever-changing and competitive landscape has been the driving force behind all of her successes. She is an innovative designer, an inspiration to her peers, a uniter, leader and most importantly, an icon.


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